GCSW Challenge July 2016

Pipe Divider Swirl Soap


Olive 55% (8.8 oz)

Tallow 20% (3.2 oz)

Coconut 20% (3.2 oz)

Castor 5% (0.8 oz)

Lye Solution

Water 30% oils (4.8 oz)

lye (2.1 oz)


Brambleberrys Apple Sage fragrance oil (0.5 oz)

Added lye to water and mixed until temperature was around 80-90F. Heated oils in microwave in bursts until oils incorporated, then cooled until around 80-90F, and added fragrance oil. Added lye solution to oils and mixed briefly with whisk. Mixed colors together by mixing ¼ tsp mica to ½ tsp olive oil for each color. Raspberry mica, Buttercup mica, Kelly Green mica, and Kelly Green mica tinted with black oxide (all colorants from Brambleberry). Pulsed soap with stick blender to light trace. Prepared mold by dipping pvs couplings into melted shea butter, placing into mold (square tupperware container), and placed mold into the refrigerator to harden shea butter.


Here is an image of the pvc couplings in the Tupperware container used as a mold


Separated batter into four separate cups. Added colorants to each cup in drops and mixed with whisk until desired color (the Buttercup mica looked deep orange). Poured pink color soap into each pipe about half way up tube. Poured yellow into tube over pink (drop swirled). Starting with light green color, poured color into wall of each side, the poured dark green into light, continued pattern around until colors were finished. The couplings were pulled out and a chop stick was used to swirl from outwards into center four times from opposite sides on each red/yellow spot. The sides were then swirled with the chop stick around the swirled flowers. The top was sprayed with isopropyl alcohol. Two days after pouring the soap it was removed from the mold and sprayed again with isopropyl alcohol. Cuts were made to make four beveled soaps, each approximately 2”x2”x1”.


Finished soap in the Tupperware mold


Cut squares


Cut beveled squares


15% Shea Butter
15% Castor Oil
25% Coconut Oil
45% Olive Oil
33% Water
Swirls with activated charcoal and yellow oxide
Scented with peppermint essential oil and spearmint essential oil

Liquid soap paste

Made soap paste for liquid soap.
Lye (KOH) 7 oz (90% KOH at 3% superfat)
Water (reverse osmosis) 10.5 oz
Castor oil 4.8 oz (15%)
Coconut oil 8 oz (25%)
Olive oil 19.2 oz (60%)
Total oils 32 oz or 2 pounds

Hot processed soap until formed together like mashed potatoes. Heated on high in crock pot for 4 hours stirring every 20 minutes (approximately). Heated on low for about one hour, stirred briefly, and spooned into mold.